December 23, 2007

How to wrap a gift

Here are some ideas for wrapping your Christmas gifts: This is a tutorial for making a big bow to decorate your gifts.

More gift wrapping ideas here

December 17, 2007

How to make Christmas earings with beads

Here is a Christmas craft project to make with beads. Use seed beads to make these christmas trees and use them as earings, bag charms or keyrings. Follow this link to find the instructions for making the beaded earings.

More crafts with beads here.

December 11, 2007

How to make Christmas decorations with paper

Here are some more Christmas decorations to make, this is a tutorial showing how to make small paper bags to hang from your Christmas tree or even to use as gift bags. Follow the steps explained in the video and start your Christmas crafts now!

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How to make Christmas bows

More gift wrapping tips, here is a funny huge bow to make for your Christmas gifts. To make this bow you will only need some ribbon (either fabric or simply plastic ribbon) in two different colours and a pair of scissors. This is really easy to make and the ribbon is beautiful.

How to make a paper snowflake

Here is a new Christmas craft for you, make this huge paper snowflake and hang it from a thread, it will look fabulous hanging from the ceiling of a room. This paper snowflake is easy to make, you will only need a large piece of paper (better if it is colour or glitter paper), a pair of scissors, a stapler and some Scotch tape.
Follow the steps explained in this website to make this snowflake.

December 5, 2007

How to make an origami Christmas tree

Here is an easy to make project for Christmas. Make a small paper Christmas tree folding paper with the origami technique. Follow the instructions showed in the video and prepare your own Christmas decorations.

More free origami projects here.

How to make an origami flower

With the origami technique you can make lots of different objects simply by folding paper, if you like handcrafts, origami paper projects are excellent ideas to make, you will only need some paper and the instructions for making origami objects that you can find in our blog. Choose your origami project and start making crafts right now.
Here is how to make an origami flower step by step.

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