March 9, 2008

Origami paper rose

The Kawasaki paper rose is one of the most beautiful handcrafts that you can make with the origami technique.
I have already published a post with a great video tutorial showing how to make an origami rose.
Here is a new video with instructions. All you will need is a square piece of paper and some pacience to make it. Enjoy folding the origami rose!

More how to make origami here

How to make origami: origami paper frog

Here is a video tutorial with more instructions to learn to make origami animals. In this video you will learn to make a paper frog.
Origami is an ancient craft technique consisting on folding a piece of paper to make animals, flowers and all kinds of beautiful objects using only paper.
Follow the explanation and the steps on the video to make your origami paper frog.

More origami tutorials here

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