August 31, 2010

How to make a Patchwork Quilt

Try making a Patchwork Quilt yourself.

Use pieces of fabrics with different patterns and combine the colours to create an original Quilt.
You can either cut the fabrics into pieces of the same size, like squares, or combine different shapes cutting the fabrics into different geometric shapes. This will require a bit more of work until you design your quilt putting all the pieces of fabric into place.
A sewing machine will be useful to sew all the pieces together.
Finally you will need a larger piece of fabric to cover the other side of your Patched Quilt.
Have a look at this video tutorial with instructions on how to make a beautiful Patchwork Quilt.

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August 29, 2010

How to make paper flowers: daffodils

Making flowers with paper is quite easy and you don't need to buy a lot of materials.
Here is a tutorial showing how you can make Daffodils with tissue paper, easy, fun and fast.

Use your paper flowers to decorate your house or in a card.

Other paper flower tutorials:

August 27, 2010

How to make patchwork: free patterns

We love patchwork projects and we have already published a few. Here you have a list of articles where you can learn how to make patchwork even if it's your first time.
Follow the links below and find the free patchwork patterns:

August 26, 2010

How to make an easy card with paper

Learn how to make a beautiful card yourself, perfect as a birthday card, for mothers' day or for your friends.

This easy to make card is made with paper and has a pop up flower, you will learn all the steps in the following video tutorial.

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