January 25, 2011

How to make a handbag without sewing

This is an incredible craft where you will learn to make yourself a fabric handbag like this in a few minutes and without sewing!

This handbag is made using a piece of fabric and some knots with a technique similar to the origami paper bending.
The next video explains how to create your own handbag step by step.

To make this handbag you will need a rectangular piece of fabric of aproximatedly 1.5 meter long. Choose a piece of soft fabric with a nice pattern.

At the end of the tutorial you will see other designs of handbags made with the same technique and also really easy.  Enjoy this tutorial!

January 19, 2011

How to make a venetian mask easy-to-make

Get ready for the carnival with this easy and fun craft project! 
Learn how to make a really easy venetian mask using some card paper and decoration materials.

To create your own carnival paper mask start cutting a mask shape in a piece of card.
Choose some nice paper to decorate your mask like gift wrapping paper. Cut the paper into the shape of your mask and paste it to the mask.

Here comes the best part of this craft, which is the decoration of the mask.
Choose some ribbons and laces that you will glue to the mask. You can also add some beads or crystal gems, feathers and maybe paper decorations like tiny flowers or butterflies.

Anything is possible to make a carnival mask in your own style. Have a look at this video to see all the steps to make the carnival mask.

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