August 12, 2011

How to make a gift box with card

Here is a tutorial where you can learn how to make a small gift box from a piece of card.
This card box is very easy to make and with a bit of decoration it will be a perfect wrapping for small gifts.

card gift box

To make the card box you will need:
A standard piece of card (size A4), choose a nice colour.
A ruler
Scissors and glue
Some decorations, like ribbon, stickes or similar.
Something to help create the bending lines, like a pen or a specific tool.

Steps to make the gift box:
See all the steps in the video below. 
Mark lines in the card at 7 centimeters 14, 21 and 28 cm like shown in the video below.
Repeat this marking lines in the card every 7 cm but now lenghtways.
Cut out the border sections remaining after the 28 cm line, leaving the central part.
On the sides of the papet cut along the lines up to the central 7cm squares.
Now if you try to fold the card you will see the shape of the box.
Now you can decorate the outter sides of the box using glitter, stickers, ribbons, or any other element.
If you have a puntcher you can use it to shape the corners of the lids making them a bit rounder.
Apply glue or use double faced sticking tape to bring together the sides of the box and create the box shape
Then fold the bottom of the box and use glue.
In the top part, fold two of the lids and bring together the other two. To close the box make two holes in each top lead and pass a ribbon through.

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